Patio Awnings

Outdoor Patio Awnings: Added Privacy & Shade

If you enjoy having a relaxed outdoor lifestyle, being able to kick back in your garden with a book or drink in hand, our range of stunning patio awnings can make your outdoor living experience that much better. Bringing the beautiful outdoors closer to your home, our awnings keep you protected from the elements, while allowing you to enjoy the fresh air – whatever the weather might be.


With the unpredictable weather we get here in Britain, a patio awning from Aquarius Blinds can provide you with a covered outdoor space whether it’s windy, raining or shining. Thanks to the high-quality nature of our products, our awnings ensure all your patio furniture is safely protected from the unpredictable weather too.

Our German-engineered waterproof awnings provide years of service to consumers, truly transforming the quality time you spend at home. With one of our retractable awnings, you can decide between enjoying the full sunshine, or covering yourself with shade, depending on what your preference might be.

However, it’s not just protection from the elements that our patio awnings can offer. They can also provide you with privacy from any overlooking neighbours, allowing you to relax as much as possible while you’re out enjoying the garden.


Patio Awnings: Manual, Electric or Fully Automated

Here at Aquarius Blinds, we offer a fantastic range of patio awning options. Whether you’d rather have a manual, electric or fully automated system, we can provide each of these and more. We also offer a wide range of lighting and heating options, should you want to use your patio awning to entertain guests late into the evening.

What’s more, each of our products comes with a five-year warranty to guarantee its durability and provide you with peace of mind.

If you’re looking to enjoy the views of your garden away from prying eyes or blinding sunlight, why not speak to a member of our team? Utilising our three decades’ worth of experience, we can help identify the best awning for your home, meeting your exact budgetary and lifestyle requirements.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions or queries regarding our patio awnings.


Patio Awnings: The Key Features

  • Five-Year Warranty
  • Full Cassette Awnings
  • Semi & Open Cassette Systems
  • Frame Colour Options
  • Hundreds of Fabric Colours
  • Self-Cleaning Fabrics
  • Winding Operation
  • Electric & Automated Operation
  • Home Automation Compatibility
  • Heaters & Lights
  • Over & Under Glass Systems
  • Side Screens
  • Vertical Awnings
  • Systems Up To 18 Metres Wide
  • Projection Up To 6 Metres

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