SafeGuard RL

A system capable of room darkening to a blackout level or a soft light filtering finish giving different percentages of light transmission depending on your requirements and use.

Separating itself from similar alternatives the SafeGuard RL offers two things to set it apart. Firstly, the edges of the fabric are securely gripped along their entire length within the side channel and secondly, because the fabric edge is retained, the side channels can be ultra-slim. In fact, at only 35mm, the channels are at least 40% smaller than most blackout blind systems on the market, meaning you get a very discreet appearance, and more daylight when the blinds are open and furthermore there are no visible support wires.

The advantages of the SafeGuard RL are not limited to blackout blinds. Most sun screening or shading fabrics can also be used and have the benefit of the fabric being locked into the side channels.

This feature comes into its own on horizontal or inclined applications, such as roof-lights and atrium, helping to keep fabric taut and reduce sagging.

Our motorised version is compatible to all home automation systems such as Lutron, Lonone, Control4, Crestron and TaHoma to mention a few so when you need a versatile and reliable daylight control system with numerous options and applications, get a grip with SafeGuard RL.

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Optional Extras

  • Perimeter shelving option
  • Non-standard RAL colouring option
  • Sun sensor for automatic operation
  • Choice of handheld remote controls
  • Choice of wireless wall switches
  • Mobile App Control

Motorised 230v RTS radio remote or hard wired WT control operation

  • Maximum width 3600mm
  • Maximum depth 3600mm
  • Maximum area 9sq meters

Manual Gear winding crank operation with removable handle

  • Maximum width 2000mm
  • Maximum depth 2000mm
  • Maximum area 4sq meters

Motorised 230v WT hardwired or 230v RTS radio remote operation

  • 35mm x 24mm side channels
  • Simple 70mm shelf system
  • Choice of Blackout or screen fabrics
  • Renowned Somfy motors and controls
  • 6m x 3.6 with a maximum area of 9m square
  • Standard White RAL9016 or Black RAL9005 frame
  • 95mm x 100mm discreet roller box housing
  • Home automation integration compatible
  • Radio or WT hard-wired motor option

SafeGuard RL Gallery

Manual gear winding operation

  • Manual crank operation with a maximum 2m x 2m area
  • Gearbox with detachable crank handle
  • Standard White RAL9016 frame
  • 3:1 ratio gear
  • 35mm x 24mm side channels
  • Choice of Blackout or screen fabrics


Fabrics for our SafeGuard RL system are produced for longevity and stability in a harsh UV environment, the same as the system itself.

Available in 4 ranges and price categories we select our fabrics based on longevity, stability and style, as when fitted into your home the need to become part of your décor is paramount.

From PVC to fiberglass we are sure you will find the right fabric for your application. Please feel free to discuss what the differences are with one of our technical advisers.

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Price Bands

  • (Price band A) – Spectrum 1010 PVC blackout fabric
  • (Price band B) – Spectrum 5010 screen fabric – 1% – 3% – 5% – 10%
  • (Price band C) – Uniview Zero Screen blackout fabric
  • (Price band D) – Mermet Flocke fabric faced blackout fabric


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