Skylight And Roof Lantern Blinds

Skylight and roof lantern blinds are the ideal solutions for modern homes wanting to take full advantage of natural light. One of today’s most popular additions to homes, roof lanterns and skylights are fantastic architectural features which maximise the light and bring the outdoors inside. These large glass ceiling features create a stunning focal point – whatever the room may be.

However, while they may look fantastic, owning a skylight or roof lantern can make south-facing rooms unbelievably hot and uncomfortable to sit in. Likewise, the direct sunlight coming in can also result in glare, making it very difficult to watch a movie, have a meal or enjoy the space properly.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring this isn’t an issue comes through simply installing a suitable blind or light control solution. Here at Aquarius Blinds, our team have substantial experience in doing exactly that.

Over the years, we have sold and installed a wide range of electric skylight blinds, skylight blackout blinds and roof light lantern blinds in a variety of designs and colours. These systems are able to cover areas of up to 6.8 x 13 metres, meaning that even the largest of areas can stay safe from unwelcome sunlight and glare.

Our easy-to-use electric-powered blinds consist of head boxes and side channels for a neat and tidy appearance. We also offer a wide selection of fabrics to choose between, ranging from screening fabrics – which reduce heat and glare – to blackout fabrics – which are perfect for bedrooms and home cinemas.

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Benefits of Skylight & Roof Lantern Blinds

Home Automated

Home Automation Compatibility


Thermal Heat Reduction


Anti-Glare Solution


1000s of Fabrics


Voice Compatible

Skylight & Roof Lantern Blinds Considerations

Choosing the right blind for your roof lantern or skylight involves deliberating both functionality and aesthetics. Follow these steps to make an informed decision:


Accurate measurements ensure a perfect fit. Measure the dimensions of your skylight or roof lantern to determine the size of the blind needed.

Light Control:

Assess your preferences for light control. Do you want to diffuse sunlight, block it out completely, or strike a balance? Choose a blind that aligns with your desired light levels.

Material and Design:

Consider the materials and design options available. From blackout fabrics for complete darkness to sheer materials for a soft glow, select a style that complements your interior decor.

Operational Preferences:

Decide on the type of operation you prefer. Choose between manual blinds for hands-on control or motorised options for added convenience.

Roof Lantern and Skylight Blinds

Prices from based on 1.5m x 1.5m with electric motor and VAT for all systems.

Pleated Duette roof-light blinds - Gallery Image 4

Duette Pleated Roof Blind - From £940

SafeGuard RL - Gallery Image 4

SafeGuard RL - From £2090

Markilux 779-879 Under-Glass Shade System Gallery Image 4

Markilux 779 under-glass - From 2260

Markilux 770 Over-Glass Awning System Gallery Image 1

Markilux 770 over-glass awning - From £2610


MARKILUX 8800 - From 2195


Advantages of Skylight & Roof Lantern Blinds


Skylight blinds provide an additional layer of insulation during the winter months, helping to retain heat and reduce energy consumption.

UV Protection:

While winter sunlight may be less intense, UV rays can still harm your furnishings. Skylight blinds offer UV protection, preserving your furniture and decor.

Privacy and Comfort:

Maintain a cosy and private atmosphere in your home during winter evenings by closing the blinds. Create a comfortable space that shields you from the chill outside.

Clean Aesthetics:

Eliminate the need for visible wires, creating a sleek and uncluttered look for your roof lantern.

Ease of Installation:

Wire-free systems simplify the installation process, reducing the time and effort required for setup.

Convenient Operation:

Enjoy the convenience of operating your roof lantern blinds without the hassle of wires. Wire-free systems often come with remote control options for seamless adjustments.

Skylight And Roof Lantern Blinds Gallery

Roof Lantern and Skylight Blinds Anywhere In Your Home – Inside Or Out

At Aquarius Blinds, we supply both interior and exterior options for your roof lantern and skylight blackout blinds. If you are looking to achieve a dark, cinema-like level of a blackout, an interior product like our Eliminate Lantern System is recommended.

Interior options

We can offer a number of different interior options for roof lanterns and skylights. This includes:

  • Shy Zip blinds
  • Eliminate system
  • Pleated blinds
  • FTS system (Fabric Tensioning System)
  • Roller blinds

Exterior Options

If you are looking for sun screening and heat protection, our external Markilux-powered systems provide both thermal heat reduction and protection. Depending on the colour you choose, we can supply opaque external-grade fabrics which will allow some light into the room. Here are the main options we offer:

  • Markilux 770/870
  • Markilux 8800
  • Markilux 779/879

All our systems are compatible with most home automation systems, such as our TaHoma smart home hub Somfy system. If you would like to find out more about getting this installed at your property, please call or email a member of our team.


Markilux 770/870

Markilux 8800

Markilux 779/879

Markilux 770/870

Case Study: The Perfect Balance Between Heat, Light and Shade

Dulwich Village - Skylight roof lantern blind installation - Case Study Image

Following the installation of a roof light in a kitchen extension, a London home based in Dulwich Village soon suffered from excessive levels of direct sunshine coming in. We received contact from this client, who said: “We are cooking in here with the direct sun, and all the systems I have looked at have these great big boxes installed with side channels fitted inside that will distract from the beauty of the roof window itself.”

Therefore, to create a perfect balance between light, shade and heat, we chose to install an external system using our Markilux 770 and Vuscreen ALU fabric with aluminium pigmenting woven into the yarn. Fitted externally, this solution significantly reduced heat gain and solar glare, while the special weaving technique enabled see-through transparency. In turn, the system was only visible when required, meaning that the beauty of the skylight itself and the minimalist room design was preserved.

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