Awning Fabric Replacement

Looking for replacement awnings for homes?

Is your awning still in a good state, but the cover no longer appeals to you?

Is your awning fabric past its best or you are refreshing your garden or decor?

The simple answer is to replace just the material. The good news, this is a cost-effective solution; whether we fitted your awning or not we can help bring back life to your garden with a simple update.

We can help you replace the fabric on these awning brands. If you don’t see your brand below, please give us a call at 0208 288 1081 to speak with your friendly team.

  • Aquarius awnings
  • Markilux awnings
  • Countrywide awnings
  • Thomas Sanderson awnings
  • Deans awnings
  • Brustor awnings
  • Gibus awnings
  • Caribbean awnings
  • Weinor awnings
  • Lakeland awnings
  • Luxaflex awnings
  • Haus awnings
  • Hillarys awnings

As a major awning supplier covering London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent we are able to offer a quick and simple replacement awning fabric solution for awnings including commercial awnings with graphics.

We also offer repairs to awnings and motors as well as lost or broken remote controls.

Types of awnings we can recover

  • Garden awnings
  • Open folding arm awnings
  • Semi or full cassette awnings
  • Dutch canopies
  • Traditional Victorian awnings
  • Drop arm awnings
  • Pergola awnings
  • Conservatory awnings
  • Under glass awnings

Types of fabric we can offer

The major branded fabric we offer is both high qualities and tried and tested for the Sunblind industry and offers complete UV protection

Markilux collection

The most beautiful fabric between heaven and earth.

Unique materials create a special ambience and it is the colour and quality of the awning fabric that make the ambience in your conservatory and on your patio special.

Colour nuances, patterns and textures create that uniquely special effect, depending on their brightness and hue.

The Markilux textile design team is constantly developing new patterns in line with the latest trends which are nevertheless characterised by their timeless nature.

Among the more than 250 patterns in thematically coordinated colour families, you are certain to find your very own most exquisite fabric between heaven and earth.

Let us inspire you, delight you and provide you with advice when it comes to selecting a material for your solar shading solution.

We manufacture awning covers that maintain their shape and colour for years and offer your home that special something.

These high-tech awning fabrics are manufactured at the Markilux production facility in Emsdetten, Germany in accordance with strict quality standards. The yarns are dyed using a process developed and show their effect in up to 16 million distinctive colours with outstanding luminosity and colour intensity. This has resulted in functional textiles, which have set exceptionally high standards in terms of quality, UV protection, ease of care and appearance. Markilux awning covers are available in the qualities “sunsilk” or “sunvas” or as fabrics in our Markilux specials collection serving specific requirements.

We offer a full supply and fit service to London and the Home Counties or if you prefer we can simply supply only.

For enquiries and pricing, please email your request including a photograph where possible for identification purposes or telephone 0208 288 1081 for help or information



sunsilk | the brilliant

markilux sunvas

Markilux sunvas | the traditional


Visutex | the exclusive


Perfotex | the functional

sunvas perla

sunvas perla | the impermeable

perla FR

perla FR | the flame retardant


vu screen | the reflecting


transolair | the transparent


FAQs for Fabric Replacement Awnings

Replacing awning fabric involves a few steps. First, remove the old fabric from the awning frame, taking care to note how it was attached. Then, measure the length, width, and projection of the awning to ensure that the replacement fabric is the correct size. Next, attach the new fabric to the awning frame, following the manufacturer’s instructions and using any necessary hardware. Finally, test the awning to ensure that it operates smoothly and that the new fabric is securely attached.

It’s important to take your time and follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the replacement fabric is installed properly and functions as intended. To avoid potentially damaging your awning and the replacement fabric, it’s worth getting in touch with a member of our team for advice or to book an installation.

Acrylic and vinyl fabrics are more durable and less susceptible to damage from weather, so they’re better suited to awnings compared to canvas fabrics. They’ll last much longer and are often UV-resistant, meaning that they’ll resist fading from the sun. Coated cottons are also an effective solution, though they’re not as well-suited to humid locations.

Acrylic and polyester fabrics are the best choice for retractable awnings for several reasons. They’re more durable and are resistant to the elements, so they’ll last longer without developing mould, mildew or tearing prematurely. Treated acrylic and polyester fabrics are also UV-resistant, so they won’t fade or look worn out. These materials are easy to maintain and keep clean, and with regular maintenance will last you many years.

There are a few considerations to make when choosing a replacement fabric for your electric awning. You want to make sure the replacement fabric is compatible with the brand and model of your electric awning, and that it fits the size of the awning you have in place. Ideally, you also want a material that’s designed to be water-resistant and withstand the elements, to further protect the mechanisms underneath. Our team can advise you on the right fabric for your electric awning.

Waterproof, UV-resistant awning fabrics offer several advantages over canvas or cotton fabrics. They won’t fade from the sunlight, which keeps the colours and patterns vibrant for longer, and they’re more resistant to tearing. Waterproof fabrics are easy to maintain and clean, and they are also more resistant to dirt and debris.

With proper care and regular cleaning, your awning fabric should typically last between 5 and 15 years.