Markilux MX3 awning installation in Mayfield


Our clients in Mayfield wanted to add an awning to their property because the conservatory was rendered unusable during the summer because of its location. We were invited to visit site for discussions.


Our brief was specific, but our client had not considered some pitfalls. Our clients required an awning to run over 5.4 meters across the front of the conservatory to offer shade to the room itself but also offer some shade to the patio area.


The site was a single level conservatory constructed from glass and PVC with absolutely No structural element to support an awning. The clients advised during the initial meeting that they are also at the same time considering reconstructing the old decking patio and relacing with a modern hard floor tiled area.


Our proposal was to provide a solution to cover as much from the brief as possible. We offered the customer our Syncra uno-fix awning frame system and our Markilux MX3. The Syncra frame is an aluminium “goalpost” type structure designed to support an awning while remaining a complete stand-alone support.

This is fixed to the ground by either weighted ballast boxes or as we did in this situation used a concrete foundation to chemically fix the frame to the footing that was provided as part of the customers patio reconstruction. The MX3 system was also offered due to its stylish design and it ability to span 5.4 x 3 meters.


Our completion took just half a day. Working with the customers landscapers we provided drawings for the frame leg locations to be pre-installed under the patio and allowed time for the concrete to cure. The frame was installed followed by the awning and completed with our electrician to finalise the power requirements. The clients took the optional extra wind-o-meter to protect the awning

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Mayfield, East Sussex

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