Can You Install an Awning in the Winter?

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Most people think of awnings as a quintessential summer item – something to provide a bit of shade and a breeze on a hot day. But did you know you can actually install an awning in winter too? In fact, there are several advantages to doing just that, from greater flexibility to the ability to enjoy your awning straight away without needing to wait. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider installing your awning now, rather than waiting.

More Availability and Choice

One major benefit of booking your awning installation during the latter half of the year is that installers tend to have greater availability compared to the busy summer months. Summer is prime awning season, when many homeowners decide they want shade and cooling options for their patio or garden. Companies are flooded with bookings and customers clamouring for timeslots, which can mean you have to wait months to get a summer weekend appointment.

However, winter tends to be a slower season for installations. With fewer customers looking to book, you’re likely to have an easier time finding a timely appointment that works with your schedule. Taking advantage of this greater availability can get your awning up sooner so you’re ready to enjoy it.

Make the Most of Year-Round Use

Installing an awning during the winter months also means you don’t need to wait until summer to enjoy this addition to your home. While awnings are great for keeping cool in the summer, they can also be beneficial in other seasons. The canopy provides shade from unexpected winter sun and protection from light rain and winds all year long.

With the right adjustments, your awning creates a versatile outdoor living space that provides shelter and the perfect cosy atmosphere whatever the season. Getting your awning up in the winter means you can start taking advantage of these benefits right away instead of waiting until the following year.

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A Head Start on Energy Cost Savings

The unpredictable British weather means we appreciate every bit of sunshine we get during the warmer months. But one way to make the most of the sun without overheating your home is to install an awning. And doing so in the winter means that whenever the sun appears, you’ll have shade in place to reduce the need for air conditioning.

With an awning canopy blocking intense sunshine and glare, less heat penetrates your windows. But it also works in reverse, helping to prevent heat loss and reduce the need for heating, and also reducing glare for more comfort indoors from the low winter sun. Getting ahead by installing an awning in winter means you’ll stay comfortable and keep more pounds in your pocket before the summer swelter arrives.

Add Warmth with Accessories

Installing your awning during the colder months doesn’t mean you can’t get enjoyment from it right away. With a few affordable additions, you can transform this covered space into a cosy winter hangout. Attaching lighting to your awning allows you to use the area on darker evenings, for example. String lights or mounted lamps provide visibility and create inviting ambience.

You can also add portable patio heaters to provide warmth underneath the awning. This allows you to still host gatherings and entertain or simply unwind on your own underneath the canopy, even when the temperature dips. The awning will shield you from winds and light rain while the heating and lighting elements combat the winter chill and early sunsets. With the right setup, you’ll be able to utilise your awning straight after installation rather than waiting for summer, and enjoy your garden or patio in a whole new way to extend your living space.

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Installing an awning during the winter might seem unusual when these systems are so often associated with summer. However, booking your awning installation in the colder months comes with some great perks. Once up, your awning can provide year-round advantages like weather protection, energy savings and extended use of your outdoor space with the right additions.

While summer may be the most popular time for new awning installations, consider bucking the trend and booking yours now. Why not get in touch with us today to book a free home survey?

Author: Artemis
Published on: Last updated: 4th April 2024

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