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Conservatory Awnings: Elevate Your Comfort and Style

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics with our exclusive range of Conservatory Awnings. At Aquarius Blinds, we bring you a curated selection of premium awning solutions designed to transform your conservatory into a haven of relaxation and style. Whether you’re looking to shield your space from the sun’s rays or add a touch of elegance to your conservatory, our collection has you covered.

Explore our comprehensive guide that not only showcases the beauty and functionality of Conservatory Awnings but also provides expert advice on choosing the perfect awning for your unique needs. From enhancing your outdoor living experience to maximising energy efficiency, our awnings for the conservatory are crafted with precision and care.

Join us on a journey where style meets functionality, and your conservatory becomes a reflection of your personal taste. Let Aquarius Blinds be your trusted partner in creating a space that seamlessly combines sophistication, comfort, and the joys of outdoor living.

Best Selling Awnings in Surrey & South East

Full cassette awning for protection

Shade or rain protection

Longevity of fabric

Large Terrace & Free Standing Awnings

Freestanding shade solutions

Suitable for all Markilux awnings

Large area coverage

Conservatory Awnings: Manual, Electric or Fully Automated

Whether you prefer a manual, electric, or fully automated system, we have you covered with our diverse range of conservatory awnings, including retractable and aluminium options. Elevate your outdoor experience with our custom patio awnings tailored for home use, accompanied by a variety of lighting and heating choices for extended entertainment hours into the evening.

Rest assured, each of our products is backed by a robust five-year warranty, ensuring durability and granting you peace of mind.

If you seek privacy from prying eyes or relief from intense sunlight while enjoying your garden views, our experienced team is ready to assist you. With three decades of expertise, we can guide you in identifying the perfect awning for your home, precisely meeting your budget and lifestyle requirements.

While awnings offer protection from rain, it’s essential to consider the model’s capabilities. Retractable awnings and pergolas, equipped with water-resistant fabrics, provide a degree of water protection. However, caution is advised, as heavy rainfall may damage your awning.

The choice of material plays a pivotal role in weather resistance. Canvas awnings may saturate and deteriorate over time, whereas synthetic waterproof fabrics like polyester or acrylic can withstand rain. For retractable awnings, ensure the selected material is compatible.

For added protection against adverse weather, consider awnings fitted with weather sensors. Our team can guide you in choosing the ideal models, especially for commercial use where an extra layer of waterproofing may be necessary.

Should you have any questions or inquiries about our conservatory awnings, feel free to reach out. We’re here to assist you in making the most informed decision for your outdoor space.

Suzan Redjeb
Suzan Redjeb
Aquarius Blinds provided an exceptional service from start to finish. The fitters, Kristian & Luke, were meticulous working to the highest standard. The rest of the team, Andrew, Rees and Abby all a pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend Aquarius Blinds to friends and family.
ilevel ilevel
ilevel ilevel
Got our new electric blind fitted yesterday, very good service and done in time and all cleaned before leaving. The service from Aquarius is always brilliant - that's probably why this is the fourth item we have got from them. Can't recommend them enough
James Park
James Park
Blinds look great and work great and were installed on time and very professionally. I can wholeheartedly recommend using this company.
mark pinder
mark pinder
I had 6 x electric window roller blinds fitted, Aquarius provided excellent service through from estimating to fitting. very happy customer.
David Ogilvie
David Ogilvie
We have recently had an awning installed by Aquarius. From start to finish the service was most professional and efficient. From the Surveyor's visit through the Receptionist's calls & to the Installers. Everyone was friendly, slick and knowledgeable. We are very pleased. The components are from Germany and bear out the reputation of German manufacture. Everything was explained in detail before, during and after installation. We highly recommend Aquarius.
Kenneth Kane
Kenneth Kane
We can’t emphasize enough how delighted we were with the entire experience we had with Aquarius. From initial contact through to installation this company is professional, knowledgeable and guided us through every phase of the project. Initially we came to them looking for a skylight blind for a large 2.5x2.5 piece of glass to assist with privacy and temperature control. Having met them and gained complete confidence we also moved forward with 650x300 large Markilux awning. This seemed a daunting element given size and weight etc – but they made us completely comfortable that it could be a great solution. During the initial conversations they took the time to get to know our project and gave us a thorough feedback on available options and what they believed was the optimal approach. This consultation process should not be undervalued as we also approached other vendors that did not want to make this effort is getting to know us. This hands on approach gives the sense you are dealing with a bespoke project manager but at the same time they have the experience of a large operation. The onsite visits allowed us to put various options on the table to discuss as there was not just a hard coded sell and move on attitude. Rather they wanted us to get the best possible solution we could find. They coordinated fluidly with our builder and had direct communication as to technical needs such as supporting structured and electricals. Had they not done this directly it could have led to wasted time and money (which they saved us on both). From fabric colours to support brackets – there was no detail left to chance and they were very granular in showing us how it would mesh best with our other fixtures. All of this in the end ended up enhancing the overall look and feel and blending in perfectly. From ordering to arrival we were kept updated as to lead times and coordinating this with other parts of our building project. All correspondence (emails, phone calls) were met with quick and clear responses which allowed us to focus on other areas of the build. The installation team were world class. Punctual, courteous, hardworking – all the attributes that you hope for at the critical juncture that can define the overall success. They spent a significant amount of time ensuring we were happy with the angles and various aspects that could otherwise be overlooked. We had a comprehensive training and information session with them which again filled us with the confidence that they were invested in wanting their brand to be stamped alongside this product. We have had amazing response from our neighbours on both the skylight blind and what has become the showpiece of our garden – the awning. It has allowed us to enjoy hot summer afternoons and evenings in the comfort of our back patio. Elements like the Shade Plus (very cool) also provide amazing relief to our ground floor kitchen in keeping it from direct sunlight and has had a great impact on our energy consumption. All I can say is – give this company an opportunity and you will not be disappointed.
peter kirk
peter kirk
Great experience from initial contact to installation. Had previously attempted to purchase an awning from another company but the service was dreadful. Glad I chose Aquarius.
Marsha Beresford
Marsha Beresford
I have received excellent service from Aquarius for over 6 years they have installed both internal and external blinds. The latest installing a large 4 x 7 m garden awning. They are prompt efficient and I have recommended them to all my friends who have also used them.
David Camis
David Camis
If you are planning on getting an awning, then this is the place to come. We decided to get one and shopped around. Aquarius was definitely the most competitive on price. We went to their showroom and could see the one we wanted in action. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Andrew came and measured up. Very efficient from start to finish. Done a great job on installing, so thank you Andrew and your team on a great job.

Conservatory Awnings: The Key Features

  • Five-Year Warranty
  • Full Cassette Awnings
  • Semi & Open Cassette Systems
  • Frame Colour Options
  • Hundreds of Fabric Colours
  • Self-Cleaning Fabrics
  • Winding Operation
  • Electric & Automated Operation
  • Home Automation Compatibility
  • Heaters & Lights
  • Over & Under Glass Systems
  • Side Screens
  • Vertical Awnings
  • Systems Up To 18 Metres Wide
  • Projection Up To 6 Metres

Transform Your Conservatory

Our conservatory awnings go beyond mere weather protection; they extend a shield of privacy, ensuring you can fully unwind in your garden without prying eyes. Enjoy the tranquillity of your outdoor space with the added seclusion our awnings provide.

Selecting the perfect awning involves some thoughtful research to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your space. To assist you in this decision-making process, we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide. This resource is designed to help you navigate the options and choose the ideal awning that suits your specific requirements.

Can you use an awning in the rain – are they waterproof?

Awnings can protect from the rain, but the extent to which they can do so depends on the model you choose. Retractable awnings and pergolas can be installed with water-resistant fabrics which offer a degree of water protection. However, please bear in mind that your awning can become damaged if used under heavy rainfall.

The material used is important in the weather resistance of your awning or pergola. Canvas awnings can become saturated with water and damaged over time, but synthetic waterproof fabrics such as polyester or acrylic can be used in the rain. If you have a retractable awning, ensure that the material you choose is compatible.

Awnings can be fitted with weather sensors to offer added protection against bad weather, and we can advise you on the best models to choose if you want an extra layer of waterproof protection such as for commercial use.

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Free Frame Colour Choice for 2022

To celebrate the 50th year birthday Markilux is offering a choice of the 5 frame colours at no extra charge for 2022. Click the image to download the brochure.

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