Freestanding Awnings

Freestanding awnings are a flexible solution that allow for ample sun and rain cover without the need for mounting the awning to a wall. We offer several options for freestanding awnings to suit a range of space and budget requirements for the ideal addition to your outdoor space, whether you want space to relax and enjoy the weather in privacy or cover for al fresco dining.

Providing UV protection from the sun, as well as shelter from the wind and unexpected rain showers, freestanding awnings enable you to make the most of your garden or patio for longer and are an affordable solution that adds a touch of luxury to your space.

How do freestanding awnings differ from other styles?

As the name suggests, a freestanding awning doesn’t need to be mounted to the wall, so the framework of the awning forms the base. They’re a popular style to use in open spaces as well as poolside, on lawns and patios, and for commercial settings such as bars and restaurants. Freestanding awnings allow for versatility and maximum airflow surrounding the awning for comfort when you’re enjoying time outdoors.

What are the benefits of freestanding awnings?

Freestanding awnings are more durable than pop-up tents or canopies and offer the opportunity for a bespoke finish with our range of custom fabrics. With a freestanding awning, you have protection from the elements which enables you to use your garden whatever the weather and extends your living space without the need to install a permanent structure.

They’re easy to assemble and because they’re not fixed, you have the option of moving them whenever you want to create different relaxation areas in your garden. Freestanding awnings are particularly well suited to properties where it’s difficult or impossible to fix an awning to, such as an uneven façade or an inadequate substrate.

The sturdy aluminium frames of our freestanding Markilux awnings ensure that the awning can support itself in windier weathers without the need for additional weight, and with water-resistant fabric that’s designed for outdoor use, they’re suitable for rain showers as the water will run right off. We also supply textiles that deliver UV protection and transparent fabrics that provide protection from the sun without impacting the view.

Types of Freestanding Awnings

Markilux Syncra

A stylish freestanding frame system that can extend up to 7 metres in width as a single unit, the Markilux Syncra is suitable for a wide variety of settings. Suitable for all Markilux awnings, this frame system can be used as a single or double awning system and can be ground sunk or used as a freestanding system. With a range of frame colours to choose from, this German-engineered awning is stylish and functional. The Syncra provides generous shade and stability, and can be fitted with folding arm awnings or Markilux pergolas, depending on your needs.

  • Durable aluminium frame
  • Choice of 7 frame colours
  • Top cover board to remove the gap between awnings
  • Choice of ground sunk or freestanding system
  • Compatible with all Markilux awnings

Markilux Planet

The Markilux Planet is a freestanding frame suitable for use with folding arm awnings, providing continuous shade as the sun moves throughout the day. It’s the ideal awning for providing maximum privacy and shelter from the elements, while still enabling you to enjoy the weather and fresh air. Great for homes and commercial settings, it is a wonderful choice for areas where it’s difficult to provide shade such as beer gardens and leisure areas. The Markilux Planet can be manually operated or motorised using a remote control for added convenience.

  • Compatible with all Markilux awnings
  • Provides shade areas up to 610cm x 300cm, or 510cm x 350cm
  • Can be rotated up to 335 degrees
  • Can be used for domestic and commercial applications
  • German engineered
  • Choice of fixed and rotation mechanism
  • Range of frame colours to choose from

Our range of German-made Markilux awnings are perfect for tailoring your outdoor space to your needs and tastes, enabling you to enjoy your garden or patio year-round while also enhancing the look of your property. We offer a great selection of fabrics to choose from and frame colours to create a bespoke product that’s versatile, practical and stylish. Any property owner, whether residential or commercial, can enhance the look of the property with a freestanding awning and customise the space with accessories such as heating, lighting and barriers.

To learn more about the freestanding options we have available or to book a home visit, get in touch with us today and we’d be delighted to assist you.

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