Markilux Planet



Like a planet orbiting the sun, the new Markilux Planet freestanding frame for folding-arm awnings provides continuous shading as the sun moves throughout the day.

  • Suitable for all Markilux awning systems
  • Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Available in all standard frame colours with optional bespoke colours
  • Can be used as a fixed or rotation option
  • German-designed and engineered


This unique freestanding shade solution is ideal for both homes and gardens as well as for commercial applications such as beer gardens, hotels and leisure facilities.

Used primarily in open areas where shade is difficult to provide, the Planet comes up trumps. Its unique design and elegant appearance make it the ideal way to uniquely personalize your favourite spot. The new Markilux Planet freestanding shading system can be rotated by up to 335 degrees, enabling constant shading as the sun moves throughout the day.

Available in two different versions – fixed or rotating – the Markilux Planet offers even greater flexibility for tough-to-shade areas. Available with all models of Markilux folding-arm awnings, Planet can shade areas up to 610 cm × 300 cm, or 510 cm × 350 cm. Whether manually operated or fully motorized with remote control operation, Markilux folding-arm awnings combine outstanding design with practicality and functionality.

Available options are detailed in the individual awning model including the valance plus for maximum protection

The system can be used as a fixed unit or a rotation design of up to 335 degrees making this an easy-to-use product.

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