Markilux Awnings

Markilux is one of the largest German brand names in awnings and we at Aquarius blinds have over 3 decades of brand knowledge to bring to the table and are a leading, trusted partner of Markilux in the South East.

As a family-operated business, we employ no salesmen or contractors, enabling us to offer the best markilux awning prices with no hidden charges.

Our services range from complete supply and installation to repair and recovery of existing awnings as well as additions such as heating, lighting and home integration systems.

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Most Popular Awnings

  • Full cassette awning for protection
  • Shade or rain protection
  • Longevity of fabric
Markilux 990

Markilux 990

From £2069+VAT
Markilux MX3

Markilux MX3

From £2479 +VAT
MX 970 Awning

Markilux 970

From £3223+VAT
Markilux 5010

Markilux 5010

From £3022+VAT
Markilux 6000

Markilux 6000

From £3204+VAT
Markilux 3300

Markilux 3300

From £3410+VAT

Markilux Awnings Pricelist

Model Price
Markilux MX2 from £4274-00 + vat
Markilux MX3 from £2479-00 + vat
Markilux MX4 from £5059-00 + vat
Markilux 900 from £1990-00 + vat
Markilux 930 from £2178-00 + vat
Markilux 970 from £3223-00 + vat
Markilux 990 from £2069-00 + vat
Markilux 1300 from £1585-00 + vat
Markilux 1600 from £2309-00 + vat
Markilux 1700 from £2016-00 + vat
Markilux 1710 from £2382-00 + vat
Markilux 3300 from £3410-00 + vat
Markilux 5010 from £3022-00 + vat
Markilux 6000 from £3204-00 + vat
Markilux 770/870 from £2911-00 + vat
Markilux 7800/8800 from £3656-00 + vat
Model Price
Markilux Syncra Frame from £4759-00 + vat
Markilux Planet Frame from £3422-00 + vat
Markilux Pergola Compact from £4590-00 + vat
Markilux Pergola Classic/Cubic from £6411-00 + vat
Markilux Pergola Style from £6763-00 + vat
Markilux 620 tracfix from £1420-00 + vat
Markilux 625 tracfix from £1461-00 + vat
Markilux 776/876 from £1790-00 + vat
Markilux 710 from £743-00 + vat
Markilux 730/830 from £1015-00 + vat
Markilux 779/879 from £1791-00 + vat
Markilux 679 tracfix from £4280-00 + vat
Heaters from £249-00 + VAT
Special fixing brackets Available – Please Call
Replacement handsets & accessories Available – Please Call
Replacement fabric Available – Please Call

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Large Terrace & Free Standing Awnings

  • Freestanding shade solutions
  • Suitable for all Markilux awnings
  • Large area coverage
Mlk Planet Gallery

Markilux Planet

From £3422+VAT
Syncra Orange Awning

Markilux Syncra

From £4759+VAT

Explore other Awnings in the Markilux Range

Markilux 1710

Markilux 1710

From £2382+VAT
Markilux 880

Markilux 8800

From £3656+VAT
Mlk 730 white

Markilux 730

From £1015+VAT
Markilux MX2

Markilux MX2

From £4274+VAT
Markilux 1600

Markilux 1600

From £2309+VAT
Markilux MX 1300

Markilux 1300

From £1585+VAT
Markilux MX 930

Markilux 930

From £2178+VAT
Markilux 770

Markilux 770

From £2911+VAT

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