Markilux MX2


New for 2022, the Markilux MX2 is fascinating in shape with a seamless design to enhance your outdoor space. When closed the MX-2 gives the impression is it just one piece whether you have LED lighting or not. When open it offers state of the art solar protection, covering 600 × 300 cm / 500 × 350 cm.

  • Minimalist, organic, harmonious design concept
  • The special cassette profile presents itself in a consistently attractive light and gives the impression of coming “from one mould”.
  • All but invisible, flush connection to the wall of the building
  • Dimensions: Max. 600 × 300 cm / 500 × 350 cm

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Mx-2 Markilux

Mx-2 Markilux


  • Flush connection for a seamless appearance when fitted against the wall
  • Modern slimline cassette style
  • Home automation compatible
  • Choice of manual or remote control operation
  • German engineered
  • Bionic tendon arm
  • Wide choice of fabric and colour options
  • State-of-the-art solar protection
  • Optional LED lighting

Special Features

  • Unique slim cassette profile gives the illusion of projecting from a seamless mould, with a virtually invisible connection to the wall
  • The aluminium profile in the awning colour closes the gap between the awning and the wall
  • Optional LED lighting can be added in line with the cassette or as spot lighting to create ambiance and atmosphere throughout the evening
  • The slender bionic tendon arm provides impeccable strength to support wide awnings so areas up to 6 metres are shaded
  • Variety of panel colours and awning options to choose from for a custom appearance
  • Can be connected to your home automation system for added convenience, as well as linked to sun sensors for automation


  • Cassette awning
  • 600 x 300cm or 500 x 350cm projection


  • Innovative bionic tendon arm technology which provides smooth power transference. Made from high-tech, state-of-the-art fibres which are silent and low in friction
  • Moving parts are constructed from drop forged aluminium which provides extra durability
  • Virtually silent operation with frictionless motion
  • Corrosion and UV resistant


  • Infrared heaters
  • Light and wind automation
  • Remote control handsets
  • Remote wall switches
  • Sun sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • LED light bars
  • Wide choice of fabrics and casing colours

End Caps:

  • End cap insertion are made from a high-quality plastic which come in different finishes to suit your property and to match coloured styling panels

Every Markilux Awnings has:


100’s of fabric options

Sun and Rain

Sun & rain protection


5 year

Smart Remote

Motorised remote control options

Home Automated

Home automation compatible

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