Skylight Awnings

Aquarius Blinds skylight awnings are specially designed for mounting above skylights and glass roofs to protect your home or business from the sun and heat. Adding a skylight or roof window to your home is a great way to make any room feel brighter and airier, but on a hot summer’s day, the light streaming in and heat transmitted can be difficult to control.

Our over glass awnings designed especially for skylights can prevent uncomfortable heat building and provide protection from the glare caused by direct sunlight. A skylight awning also protects your interiors from UV damage.

Our high quality retractable skylight awnings are easy to operate using a manual winding system or can be automated and controlled at the touch of a button.

Climate control for a cool home

Block the sun’s rays and reduce passive heating with our fabulous skylight awnings. Rooms with skylight windows can get warm and stuffy on a sunny day, but with an Aquarius Blinds skylight awning, you can keep rooms comfortably cool.

Easy opening awnings for hard-to-reach skylights

Skylight windows are a fabulous addition to the home, but by nature are often in hard to reach places. Our motorised option allows you to control your skylight awning at the touch of a button.

Somfy TaHoma Skylight Awnings

Why not take control of your awnings and blinds a step further? The Somfy TaHoma Smart Home solution makes operation easy remotely from your smartphone wherever you are. The addition of sensors can ensure your awnings are automatically opened and closed according to the time of day and according to the weather.

Benefits of Skylight Awnings

Home Automated

Home Automation Compatibility


Thermal Heat Reduction


Anti-Glare Solution


100s of Fabrics


5 Year Warrantee

Get a good night’s sleep

Our skylight awnings not only protect your rooms from heat and sunlight, but they also reduce the noise of rain. A perfect solution for bedrooms with skylights, our awnings will prevent you from being disturbed by the pitter-patter of rain at night.

Why not choose a black-out fabric for your bedroom skylight awning so you won’t be disturbed by the early morning sun.

Skylight Awning Features

• Hundreds of fabric colours
• Self-cleaning fabrics
• Winding operation
• Electric and automated operation
• Smart Home automation compatible
• Weather-resistant
• 5 Year Warrantee

A stylish alternative to blinds

Our roof window awnings act as hidden skylight blinds. If you prefer not to cover feature windows with inside blinds, our external awnings offer the perfect solution. Discrete when open and offering sun and heat protection as required, a skylight awning won’t interfere with the aesthetic of your home. Concealed skylight awnings are a stylish alternative to blinds.

All-weather fabrics in a range of colours

For any of our skylight awnings, choose from a range of durable weatherproof fabrics in a colour to suit the style of your home. For a discreet external awning, we can match the fabric colour to your roof or property exterior.


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