Pergola Installation in Purley, Surrey


Our client, Mr W, contacted AQ blinds looking for coverage for the terrace area at his house in Purley, Surrey.


“I am looking for an awning that will provide shade as well as light rain shelter for the rear patio but everything I look at will not cover the area well enough to provide this. I have looked at and spoken to a few companies but everybody just offers simple awnings.”


The project brief only really detailed the problem the client had. In addition to this, the fitting area was a single-story part of the house and a single awning (without special spreader support plates) would have also caused a structural problem. The area was approximately 8 meters by 5 meters with York flagstone paving.


Having discussed the requirements and the specific positive and negative reasons, the following was proposed.

We offered our Markilux Pergola system. We nominated the size to be 7 meters by 5.5 meters. The reason we chose this was because the 7 meters fitted snuggly between the exterior speakers and offered balance to the wall, whereas the projection was detailed at 5.5 meters.

Our reason behind the larger projection was because the patio was 5 meters and if using the system in the rain, it would throw the water off the terrace keeping it dry. The Pergola, fitted with upright support legs also takes the stress of the wall and removes the need for additional structural supports.


Beginning with the upright leg support footings a few weeks later, we went about installing the unit on a bright Friday morning and 3 hours later everything was complete.

Following the completion of the awning, our client’s reaction was:

“I love it – You took the brief and executed it to the full giving us everything we need to enjoy the terrace“

Purley, Surrey

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