Pleated Cellullar Roof-light Blinds

Our Pleated blinds are produced from components and fabrics to suit almost any shape but are particularly excellent for roof lanterns, skylight windows, conservatories and orangeries on a horizontal or sloping angle.

Produced to many varying specifications and an array of colours, our L1 and L2 systems are available as manual, electric or rechargeable to name only a few as well as integration into most home automation systems.

Operating your L1 or L2 system can be as simple as an extendable operating pole with a reach as far as 3 meters high or electrically operated with either a hand held remote, wall switch or your phone/iPad.

When powering your blinds you can choose from either a low voltage motor for a permanent supply as well as a more simple option of rechargeable cell motors if mains power is not available. This will simply need charging from time to time via an extendable charging lead.


Parameters (subject to differing fabric stability and weight)

  • Duette pleat fabric up to 1200mm wide with no wire supports visible
  • Widths from 1200mm up to 1700mm wide will have 2 visible support wires
  • Widths from 1700mm up to 3000mm wide will have 6 visible support wires

Operating your pleated blinds

  • Manual extendable rod operation
  • Rechargeable wireless motor
  • Low voltage motor with built in transformer
  • Twin motor via transformer for large blinds

Fabric finishes

  • Duette pleated fabric
  • Duette Blackout pleated fabric

Pleated blind fabrics

All of our pleated fabrics are manufactured from UV stabilised polymers – The best grade of polyester pleated fabric available, and is very stable when exposed to UV rays. Subsequently this produces a quality sunblind system built for longevity

Duette or honeycomb shades as some describe were introduced to the sunblind world some 25 years ago and remarkably have become a classic for roof coverings due to the fantastic thermal properties.

In response to high-energy prices, the Duette fabric innovation was invented to help reduce heat loss by some 60% and reduce head absorption by up to 78% giving energy savings on a long-term basis.

Available as light filtering palettes, prints and blackout, our range of Duette fabrics are not only beautiful in design but also great for thermal barriers.

Pleated Duette Roof-Light Blinds