Pergola awning Installation in Reading 7

Can You Install an Awning in the Winter?

Most people think of awnings as a quintessential summer item – something to provide a bit of shade and a breeze on a hot day. But did you know you…

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Green pergola Petersfield, Hampshire

Benefits of External Shading

During the warm summer months, the sun’s intense rays can make the interior of buildings uncomfortably hot. Excessive indoor heat not only causes discomfort, but also poses risks to health,…

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Bifold Door Blinds

5 Reasons Why You Need Patio Door Blinds

Patio doors are great for creating a seamless connection between the inside of your home and your garden, decking or patio. Your garden becomes like an extension of your home,…

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Mlk Pergola Gallery

Everything You Need To Know About Pergolas

Knowing where to begin in decorating your garden can be tough. There are so many options to choose from. Do you follow the latest trends or do your own thing…

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Skylight Blinds & Roof Lantern Blinds for houses across the UK

How to choose a blind for a roof lantern or skylight

The natural light that pours in through skylights and roof lanterns makes them desirable additions to any home. Skylights are a great way of brightening a loft extension while a…

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Markilux 770 Over-Glass Awning System Gallery Image 5

An introduction to home automation systems

Whether you rent or own your home, there’s no denying that home automation systems have become incredibly popular in recent years. From opening your front door with your home to…

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Benefits of wire-free roof lanterns

If your home has a roof lantern, or you’re thinking about installing one to maximise the light in your home and open up a room, then having well-fitted blinds is…

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Pergola Installation in Purley, Surrey 2

7 benefits of patio awnings

It’s lovely when the weather warms up and you can finally get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, but too much sun can be uncomfortable. A patio awning is the perfect…

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