Concealed Blinds

Bulky, obtrusive window treatments can clutter up your view, but there is a seamless solution – recessed blinds. The demand for minimalist, light-filled interiors and the convenience of electric blinds means concealed blinds are ideally suited to the homes of today. These innovative recessed blinds systems allow you to keep the functionality of shades without any of the eyesore.

Concealed blinds provide a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that elevates your home and delivers a clean view without any cords or unsightly rails. From small windows to vast skylights, concealed blinds can be used in a variety of ways for a seamless look. They provide exceptional temperature and glare control with ample shading and privacy where you need it most, with a timeless and elegant look.

As specialist suppliers of leading brands such as Blindspace products, we’re able to provide homeowners with a range of styles that future-proof your home for any type of window, skylight or gable. We have experience working with interior designers and architects to install blinds which are a key feature of the overall room design.

With our efficient installation process, we can handle the whole process for you so all that’s left for you to do is enjoy the clean look of your new concealed blinds.

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Concealed Blinds Gallery

A range of styles to choose from

The Standard Blindspace S Series come in 100x100mm which is the most popular option, and 130x130mm sizes suitable for single roller blinds for floor-to-ceiling glazing. The S series models come in 6m lengths and can be cut to specification to suit your property. Custom Blindspace C Series are made to order to fit any sized window or skylight. The C Series is available in 3m lengths but can also be cut to specification to suit your home.

Boxes, covers and end caps can be installed in classic white or powder coated in any standard RAL colour to blend perfectly to your décor.

Concealed Blinds for Windows

Concealed blinds can be used on windows of any size, whether inside the wall, doors or ceilings. The most common configuration is to use a headbox only but if you are in need of blackout blinds, we can also install them with side and bottom boxes too, to increase privacy and reduce light.

Concealed or recessed window blinds, also known as in-wall or in-ceiling blinds, are an excellent option for many homes and offices for several reasons. They provide a clean, minimalist aesthetic by hiding the blind hardware and mechanisms within the wall or ceiling cavity, which helps maintain the architectural design of a space without cluttered windows. They’re also very versatile and can accommodate windows of virtually any shape and size.

Since the operating mechanisms are protected inside the construction cavities, they are less prone to damage from pets, kids or weather, and they have a long functional lifespan with minimal maintenance required. The blackout conditions created by recessed blinds are perfect for bedrooms, offices, home theatres or any space where darkness is desired. The privacy factor is also enhanced compared to regular blinds.

Recessed Shading Solutions for Skylights

We can install skylight blinds within or under load-bearing structures, and on one, two, three or all four-sides of the skylight to suit the glazing design of the window. In most cases, customers choose deeper boxes for the blinds on two sides and shallower boxes for the sides of the blind with channels and wires.

Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into a space. However, controlling that light can be a challenge with standard window blinds. Recessed skylight blinds provide an elegant solution.

Recessed skylight blinds can be constructed to fit any skylight size or shape. Custom-making the blinds for triangular, rectangular or uniquely shaped skylights ensures full coverage and functionality. They can be installed on one side or multiple sides as needed. We’d be happy to discuss the options with you to help you choose the best option for your property.

Concealed blinds over a bifold door

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