Over-glass Awning Installation in Worthing, Sussex


Our client in Worthing, Sussex contacted us to ask for assistance in reducing the heat in their kitchen caused by two large glass roof lanterns. They advised they have looked for solutions with other companies but the advice was so mixed that they were confused by the information.


Our brief was straight forward – Our kitchen is very hot and bright in the summer and the room is almost rendered useless when the sun shines, so what can you offer?


Our proposal was very straight forward – If you want to stop the heat in the kitchen, the first thing you would need to do would be stop the sun getting to the glass. If you were to use internal blinds in a kitchen environment, this proposes two potential problems. Firstly, if the sun enters the room through the glass the heat is already inside and then must escape and unless you have extractors this just builds up. The second but not the most important but relevant is cooking fats go airborne and reduce the longevity of the fabric by years.


The solution was to install two external roof awnings. This keeps the sun from the glass thus keeping the heat down and gives the product years and years of service due to the external grade UV stable fabrics. Finally complimenting the units with a rain sensor to stop water pooling, the installation was completed in a morning including all wiring.

Worthing, Sussex

Over-glass Awning Installation in Worthing, Sussex 1
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