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As a Markilux main distributor, not only do we offer first class advice on awning systems, but also on the array of accessories. These accessories give you the chance to customise your awning to make it more bespoke and useful in your everyday life, enhancing your user experience.

The Markilux accessories range caters to a wide variety of use cases, from lighting and heating to automating your awning, and many are available to retrofit your existing awning. Depending on the awning model you choose, additional features are available in many of the standard frame colours to blend your awning and accessories together for a unified look.

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Lighting and heating

Lighting and heating are some of the most popular accessories to add to your awning, enabling you to use it in the evenings and in the winter when the days get darker earlier. You may want to add an LED line to the front profile or arms, which looks great on modern homes, or spotlights that offer a classic look and can be used to highlight certain areas. To use your awning in the evening hours, LED ambient lighting is the perfect choice and comes in a range of attractive colours. Infrared heaters create a cosy space outdoors, extending your living space and providing the perfect entertainment spot.


Weather sensors are ideal for opening or retracting your awning automatically based on weather conditions. When wind or light sensors are installed, you don’t have to worry about manually opening and closing your awning as the weather changes – your awning will take care of itself using an intelligent control system. Likewise, rain sensors will ensure your awning retracts when rain levels are more than it can cope with, avoiding damage.

Remote controls and motors

Make operating your awning even easier and more enjoyable using silentec motors which minimise mechanical noise, and Somfy connections so you can manage your awning from your smartphone. Many of our awnings can be retrofit, so even if you chose a manually operated awning previously, you can still make use of electric controls.

Optional accessory selection

  • Markilux Infra red heaters
  • Illumination
  • Automatic sensors
  • Silentec motors
  • Special brackets
  • Handsets and switches
  • Bionic arm
  • Revento
  • Shadeplus
  • Side screens
  • Wall seal profile
  • Frame systems
  • Valances
  • Special frame colour matching

Most Popular Awnings

  • Full cassette awning for protection
  • Shade or rain protection
  • Longevity of fabric
Markilux 990

Markilux 990

From £2069+VAT
Markilux MX3

Markilux MX3

From £2479 +VAT
MX 970 Awning

Markilux 970

From £3223+VAT
Markilux 5010

Markilux 5010

From £3022+VAT
Markilux 6000

Markilux 6000

From £3204+VAT
Markilux 3300

Markilux 3300

From £3410+VAT

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