Markilux MX3


The Markilux MX3 awning is surpassing as not only the next generation of awnings from Markilux but also the most popular.

A contemporary awning with both elegant curves, clean lines and shapely curves – these are the defining features of the new markilux MX-3.

Produced up to a width of 6 meters and arm lengths of up to 3.5 meters – subject to width – (6m x 3m or 5m x 3.5m)

With a choice of over 250 fabrics, the Markilux collection is water-resistant, non-fading and dirt-proof as well as a UV protection factor of 50+

Special features

  • A slender folding arm full cassette awning exhibiting excellent technological features which enables areas up to 6 meters wide to be shaded
  • Self-supporting cassette profile with the brackets installed at each end of the awning enabling the system to bridge larger distances
  • When retracted, the arms are encapsulated into the awning housing lending a harmonious overall appearance to the awning
  • The cassette obscures the roller tube when the awning is extended
  • Option of directional LED spotlights fitted to the underside of the cassette which provides an appealing atmosphere in the evening
  • Various styling panel colours including the New optional selection MXS can be combined with the standard awning colours


  • Cassette in the standard version is a slender 120mm high and 230mm deep
  • Single unit minimum 1830mm at the smallest projection of 1500mm and either 5000mm wide unit and a projection of 3500mm or 6000mm at a maximum 3000mm projection



Roller Tube and Lateral bearings

  • Round roller tube of 85mm with keyway galvanised steel-excellent stability ensures near-perfect cover performance even at the largest widths
  • The arm bearer is made of Die-Cast Aluminium powder coated with an integrated infinitely variable pitch-setting mechanism

Awning Profiles

  • Extruded aluminium in façade quality powder coated
  • Two-piece cassette with clever inner profile providing the awning cover with optimum protection against the elements
  • The lower cassette profile has a slot into which the LED line can be recessed
  • Front profile harmoniously rounded at the front with an integrated gutter

Folding Arms

  • Profiles in extruded aluminium in façade quality powder coated
  • Moving parts made of drop forged aluminium-the arms are therefore extremely fracture resistant
  • Pivot bolts in stainless-steel run-in Teflon-coated bronze bushes-practically maintenance free virtually silent and extremely hard wearing
  • Power transference via the innovative bionic tendon at the elbow joint. Made of high textile, high tech fibres and low in friction, noiseless, incentive to corrosion and UV resistant

End Caps

  • The end cap insertion sections are made of high-quality plastic, powder coated or in a polished chrome finish
  • The front profile end caps are made of high-quality plastic, powder coated with water drainage holes

Fixture Brackets

  • Face fixture, top fixture or eaves fixture solutions
  • Extruded aluminium powder-coated brackets
  • Pitch range 5-35 degrees for face fixture or 5-70 degrees for top or eaves fixture


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