Markilux 1300


The Markilux 1300 has a multitude of possibilities

The robust, distinctively shaped arms ensure a taut cover. The strong 40 x 40 mm torque bar is extremely resistant to twist and deflection while the roller tube is made of steel and has a diameter of 85 mm for the same reason.

The front profile is ergonomically shaped and very robust. A valance is included with the delivery. The pivot bolts are made from corrosion-proof stainless steel, and the arms run in Teflon-coated bushes. Pitch adjustment gear mechanism – the changing angle that affords added protection: The sun marches across the sky – your awning marches with it. With the pitch adjustment gear mechanism you can change the (actually fixed) pitch from 4° to 54 ° or from 35° – 85° – just use a winding handle.

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  • The classic shape of an awning with a classic look
  • German engineered with accredited design awards
  • Fabrics and frames with self cleaning technology
  • The only awning you can alter the pitch angle by winding
  • Optional cover board for awning protection
  • Gear winding or electric operation available
  • Many optional extras available including heaters and lights


  • 40mm X 40mm torque bar for strength
  • Strong folding arms with steel chain links
  • Single width units available up to 7 meters X 4 meter extension
  • Coupled units available up to a staggering 13.9 meters wide
  • Front profile has integrated rain gutter and drainage spouts
  • Pitch adjustment from 4 to 54 or 35 to 85 degrees
  • 85mm internal steel roller ensures stiffness and cover roll


  • Remote handsets and switches
  • Markilux Infra red heaters
  • Sunis sun sensor
  • Light & wind sensor
  • Vibration sensors
  • Light and heater combinations
  • Light bars
  • Protective weather board
  • Special paint finish

Frame Finishes

  • Traffic White RAL 9016
  • Metallic aluminium RAL 9006
  • Any RAL as an optional extra

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