• Freestanding frame system
  • Rated to wind-resistance Class 2 (which corresponds to Beaufort 5/up to 24mph)
  • Waterproof
  • Post-free area beneath the awning
  • Rounded support posts
  • Great protection from sun and rain in open spaces (water drainage guaranteed by the 15o pitch at which the folding arms are permanently set)

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  • 30+ Years Experience
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • In House Installation Teams
  • Huge Choice of Brands
  • Competitive Prices
  • CHAS Accreditation

Markilux Syncra Gallery

The Markilux Syncra is a stylish frame system that can be used with any awning from the Markilux range. Providing year-round protection from the sun, wind and rain, it’s a popular option for both domestic and commercial clients, with a contemporary and minimalistic design. The Syncra is a freestanding frame system which produces up to 7 metres in width when set up as a single unit to create an inviting open-air space that’s still protected from the elements.

Combined with two pergola systems, you’ll be able to cover the largest areas, or it can be used as an Uno for a single awning where you have no building structure to attach an awning to. The way this awning is constructed provides easy installation and flexibility, with a post-free area beneath the awning to maximise the space available for seating and entertaining, as well as heating or lighting to create the ideal outdoor area.

As a wind- and water-resistant awning, you’ll not only have shade in the summer months but also protection from the unpredictability of the British weather, ensuring you can use your garden or patio for longer throughout the year.

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Fix or Flex

The Syncra Fix awning frame system has round-shaped support posts with two folding-arm awnings. It offers stylish protection from the sun and since it’s secured to concrete pads, it’s the most stable support for higher winds.

Syncra Flex doesn’t include concrete pads, using weighted ballast boxes for stability instead. These can be decorated as you see fit, such as for seating or planters. It’s a versatile choice for areas where you don’t want the awning to be fixed in place, or for settings where permanent fixtures aren’t possible.

Markilux Syncra is compatible with any two awnings of your choice from the extensive range of Markilux awnings, including the Markilux 6000Markilux 5010Markilux 1600 and the Markilux 990.

Syncra Pergola

The Markilux Syncra Pergola has two folding arm awnings which are perfect for creating a larger expanse of coverage. It can be installed with additional posts at the front to deliver extra stability, while retaining the post-free area under the awning so you have maximum space to use as you wish.

Frame Finishes

  • Traffic White RAL 9016
  • Metallic aluminium RAL 9006
  • Grey Brown similar to RAL 8019
  • Off White texture 5233
  • Havana Brown 5229
  • Stone Grey metallic 5215
  • Anthracite metallic 5204
  • Any RAL colour as an optional extra

Syncra Uno

The Syncra Uno is a one folding arm awning that’s ideal for areas where there’s a lack of fixing points. This frame provides a stable base with a single patio awning to maximise the space available. When used with the Markilux Pergola 110 or 210, it offers far higher stability than traditional retractable awnings, since it’s secured at the sides as well as the front and back, and offers excellent sun protection for larger areas.

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