Markilux 930 Swing


The Markilux 930 is small, elegant and extremely desirable thanks to its torque bar-free construction.

The Markilux 930 swing is above all suited for installation under overhanging roofs, where additional protection of the cover and mechanics is not required. An intelligent pivoting mechanism lends it a particularly compact and flat appearance when closed.

During the extension process the awning remains horizontal at first and then pivots into the pre-set pitch. The adjustment screws at the brackets can be used to change the pitch from 5° to 80°.

The windlock mechanism prevents the awning from flipping up in windy conditions. The joints in the upper arm lock the lateral profiles and releases them again only on retraction.

The tubular, closed front profile ensures sufficient stability and a smooth appearance. Folding arms with improved power transference ensure good cover tension. The awning is suited both for top and face fixture. In the case of face fixture it might be combined with an additional cover board.

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  • An elegant and chic look down to the last detail
  • Inconspicuous appearance makes the 930 suited to any building
  • Pitch levels from 5 to 80 degrees
  • Ideal for low fixing heights
  • Strong folding arms with perfect power transference
  • Single width units available up to 5 meters X 3 meter extension
  • 85mm internal steel roller ensures stiffness and cover roll
  • Huge choice of fabrics
  • Gear winding or electric operation available
  • Many optional extras available including heaters and lights
  • German engineered


  • Remote handsets and switches
  • Markilux Infra red heaters
  • Sunis sun sensor
  • Light & wind sensor
  • Vibration sensors
  • Light and heater combinations
  • Light bars
  • Protective weather hood
  • Detachable Valance
  • Special paint finish

Frame Finishes

  • Traffic White RAL 9016
  • Metallic aluminium RAL 9006
  • Grey Brown similar to RAL 8019
  • Light Ivory RAL 1015
  • Anthracite Grey 5204
  • Any RAL as an optional extra

Markilux 930 Swing Gallery

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