markilux sunvas | the traditional

The textile material with a soft, fluffy touch and gentle colour glow radiates a socially appealing charm.

Sunvas Soft glow. Textile-like to the touch, Sunvas awning covers score with their textile character and natural appearance with outstanding luminosity and colour intensity. This has resulted in ­functional textiles, which have set standards in terms of quality, UV protection, ease of care and ­appearance.

Self-cleaning snc effect Drops of water absorb dirt and run off the awning cover (the awning must have an inclination angle of at least 14 degrees for this purpose). Ensuring you can enjoy beautiful fabric for a long time to come.

Technical details

  • Light fastness: Grade 7-8
  • Weather fastness: Grade 7-8
  • UV protection factor: 50+

markilux sunvas