Challenging Awning Installations

Many homeowners encounter issues when trying to install awnings in awkward spots or unconventional window shapes. At Aquarius Blinds, we specialise in custom blinds and awnings designed to solve even the most difficult installation challenges.

Where other suppliers have struggled to provide installations for odd-sized bay windows or slanted rooflines, we see those spaces as opportunities. We have over 30 years of experience creating customised awning solutions to enhance any home, no matter the shape or size required.

Our innovative designs and precision manufacturing allow us to craft awnings that will complement your one-of-a-kind windows perfectly. We work with clients across Surrey and Sussex to install bespoke awnings to a variety of spaces, ensuring a perfect finish every time.

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Manual, Electric or Fully Automated Awnings

We’ve carried out awning installations in a host of challenging settings, from basement patios with difficult building configurations which make it challenging to install a standard awning to large terraces and multi-storey buildings. We have experience working with architects and builders to create solutions that work for the property and the shading required.

We’ve also installed awnings for large glass roofs to produce a shaded area that minimises heat in the summer and reduces heat loss in the winter, and sympathetic solutions that tie in with period properties.

Whether it’s a vast area that requires a convenient solution or a unique configuration of windows and vents which need to be navigated, we have experience of creating an effective solution that’s both stylish and functional.

Transform Your Patio

It’s not just protection from the elements that our patio awnings can offer. They can also provide you with privacy from any overlooking neighbours, allowing you to relax as much as possible while you’re out enjoying the garden.

Choosing the right awning requires a bit of research to ensure that the awning you purchase is right for your space. That’s why we’ve written a detailed guide to help you decide on the right awning for your requirements.

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Large Terrace & Free Standing Awnings

  • Freestanding shade solutions
  • Suitable for all Markilux awnings
  • Large area coverage


Awning Features

  • Full Cassette Awnings
  • Semi & Open Cassette Systems
  • Frame Colour Options
  • Hundreds of Fabric Colours
  • Self-Cleaning Fabrics
  • Winding Operation
  • Electric & Automated Operation
  • Home Automation Compatibility
  • Heaters & Lights
  • Over & Under Glass Systems
  • Side Screens
  • Vertical Awnings
  • Systems Up To 18 Metres Wide
  • Projection Up To 6 Metres
  • Five-Year Warranty
  • Suitable for a Balcony

Recent Awning Installations

Explore More of Our Best Selling Awnings

  • Full cassette awning for protection
  • Shade or rain protection
  • Longevity of fabric
markilux 889 990 - Zizers
From £2069
Up to 5m x 3m
Patios & Decking
Self-cleaning technology
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Markilux MX3 - Hittisau
From £2479
Up to 6m x 3.5m
Patios & Decking
Optional LED spotlights
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MX 970 Awning
From £3223
Up to 6m x 3.5m
Patios, Balconies & Decking
Most updated awning on the market
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markilux MX-3 5010 830
From £3022
Up to 7m x 4m
Patios & Restaurants
Fixture bracket complements properties
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Markilux 6000 - Dessin
From £3204
Up to 7m x 4m
Patios & Restaurants
LED Spots in the front profile
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Markilux 3300
From £3410
Up to 7m x 4m
Patios & Restaurants
Integrated double gutter
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