Markilux 779 Shade System Installation in Claygate, Surrey


Our client in Claygate Esher had an issue with a very large glass roof area that they had inherited with the house. Having originally looked at the problem, the research was proving difficult in finding a solution that would work how they wanted it to.


Our brief was to provide both a shaded area, reduce the heat in summer while trying to retain some of the heat loss in the winter. They advised “We want the operation to be flexible” to open or close part of the shade as we feel we need it as one end needs to also act as privacy because that is our sitting area in the evening and need privacy from above.


The site was a large glass roof measuring 2 meters wide by 7.2 meters long. The whole construction posed different items and requirements that could be problematic such as opening window vents, angled glazing supports and vertical glass panels.


The proposal we offered taking the brief was to use our System 779. This system has unique features that enables us to cover exceptionally large roof areas up to 12 meters in length and 6 meters wide (subject to square meter limits) and be used drawing towards the centre because it only has a box housing at one end unlike many other systems on the market. This allows our system to comfortably draw towards the centre separately and enable the user to just open or close one end.

We combined this with our support framing system. We use this as it allows the system to find its own centre due to temperature fluctuations is glass roof areas and avoid puckering of fabrics. The whole system is simply operated by a handheld remote control allowing independent operation of each end or a compinged control at the touch of a button.


Our completion took only half a day including undertaking all wiring to produce the perfect screen. Our clients were absolutely delighted with the finish as you can see from the photos.

Claygate, Surrey

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