3 Benefits Skylight Blinds Offer Over The Winter

Let’s set the scene

After installing a new loft conversion at your property in the spring, you are impressed at how beneficial your skylight blinds have proved to be during the summer months

From blocking out the sun while you work in your home office to keeping the room nice and dark while you try to sleep, your skylight blinds have certainly shown their value.

However, now we move into the colder months of the year, you start to wonder whether they’ll be as beneficial as they were before. The winter months aren’t as sunny or warm, after all, so surely you won’t need to rely on your blinds as much?


Skylight Blinds Offer All-Year Use

To put it simply, you’re mistaken – skylight blinds and skylight awnings not only offer a number of benefits during the summer months, but they can prove especially useful over the winter as well.

Still need convincing? No problem. Listed below are three reasons as to why skylight blinds can help during the colder months of the year.

Whether it be because of the exceptional light control or privacy they offer, you’ll soon understand why these blinds are the ideal choice whatever the time of year.

1. They Control Winter Sun

While it’s difficult to deny that the summer months are more well-known for sunshine (unless you live in the UK, of course), the winter months also get their fair share of sun.

This is important because the UV rays that sunlight emits can affect a number of home-based things – from fading your soft furnishings to adding glare to your screens.

It’s for this reason, as well as the angle of the window skylight blinds, as to why many homeowners invest in high-quality blinds in the first place. In essence, the lower the quality of blind, the greater the risk of damage – from both a physical and lifestyle perspective.

So, while we may not have the same degree of light to contend with in Winter, there are still generally at least eight hours of sunshine per day. Therefore, having the same light control as you had in the summer is still just as important.

The almost impenetrable barrier of a blackout blind, for example, can reduce the risk of glare, helping you both work and watch films in peace.

Plus, by being able to control the light, you will also be able to potentially cut down on energy costs. Since light energy can turn into heat, skylight blinds give you the ability to decide how much light/heat to let in.

2. They Add Warmth

As we’ve mentioned already, skylight blinds aren’t only effective at managing light – especially when produced using blackout thermal fabric, they have also been shown to be great at reducing the need for your central heating system.

In essence, this fabric prevents internal heat from passing through it. In doing so, it helps retain up to 40% of your household heat which otherwise would have been lost.

This benefit is especially important during the winter too since the weather is so much colder and keeping your home warm can be a costly venture. So, rather than cranking up the thermostat, you can feel happy in the knowledge that your blinds are helping do some of the work for you.

However, to utilise your blinds most effectively, try to roll them down during the colder times of the day. This, in turn, will prevent any of your nice internal heat from being able to escape, while reducing the need for artificial help.


3. They Promote Good Sleep

With a lack of natural sunlight available during the winter months, there’s less Vitamin D around as well. Therefore, it’s no surprise we all suddenly start to feel more ill once the summer months are gone.

During the winter, people generally spend longer indoors, not eating as well and prioritising warmth over general health. As such, being able to rest and sleep effectively becomes more important than ever, in order to recuperate in the way our body needs to.

Thankfully, skylight blinds – especially those manufactured with a blackout fabric material – can help promote a decent night’s rest and truly revolutionise your lifestyle. This is because they enable us to escape the light, allowing our brains to produce more of a hormone called melatonin – a key regulatory component of the sleep-wake cycle.

It’s ultimately this hormone which is responsible for our brains deciding it’s time to wind down and get some rest so, in essence, the less light there is when trying to sleep, the better.

Final Thoughts…

Whether it be for a loft conversion or another area of your home, skylight blinds offer a versatile addition to any room.

Available in a range of colours and patterns, each blind not only provides you with the benefits listed above but many more as well.

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Author: Aquarius Blinds
Published on: Last updated: 21st March 2024

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