Pergola awning Installation in Godalming, Surrey


Our client in Godalming wanted to add an awning to his property as part of a major re-fit including a patio and garden makeover. We were invited to visit the site for discussions.


Our brief was specific, but our client had not considered some pitfalls. Our customer required an awning to run the full 8.5 meters across the back of the house and cover the terrace area to provide shade and rain protection. The coverage required was 5000mm outwards. In addition, they wanted to use the awning during inclement weather and winter months as well as the summer.


The site was a straightforward brick-built construction property and the customer had made some allowances during his own research to provide power for the awning however other key elements had to be planned and luckily the site was at an early enough stage for us to add things that would result in a better-looking finish to the project.


Our proposal was to provide a solution to cover as much from the brief as possible. We offered the customer our Pergola awning complete with various additions. Firstly, the property was unbalanced in proportion of 3500mm to 5000mm if we were to take a central point of some kind. We proposed the centre of the two sets of doors. Our pergola awning can operate coupled units of different widths allowing each side to open and close separately.

Moving on we had an issue for water run-off as the height of the building and the projection failed to allow a pitch of 15 degrees. This is a recommendation for all awnings with unsupported fabric and as a solution, we offered our telescopic leg for the two outer posts to create a roof like pitch to disburse water. This is the perfect solution. Finally, an infrared heating element was proposed for the main sitting area to warm up those winter evenings.


Our completion took just one day. Working with the customers landscapers we provided drawings for upright leg locations to be pre-installed under the patio and to allow the leg supports to be sunk under the tiles. (An unseen item by our client that makes a big difference).

Finally, we installed a Somfy Tahoma for the client allowing all the family to not only open and close the awning but also turn the heating element up and down to the perfect temperature from their phones

All in all, we like to work directly with our customers to get the best out of a job in both use and looks. More often we have in our 35 years seen most things and overcome issues and pass that valued knowledge on as part of our service. This client has a perfect installation of an awning that is so functional and more importantly looks stunning that can be used throughout the year brining the indoors out to the patio.

Godalming, Surrey

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