Markilux Pergola 210 Coulsdon, London

Coulsdon case study


From a quiet location close to Coulsdon Manor Golf course we were invited to provide a shade solution for a large courtyard style patio.

When I met with Danny, I went through our usual process of asking questions. We ask lots of them as this provides an insight to what our customers really want from an awning. Some clients want sun protection for the room, some want a shade for sitting under or dining under. We’ve even been asked to provide an awning as protection for the dog. Believe me when I say I have been asked to provide an awning for all sorts of reasons, and all of this experience gives me the opportunity to provide a solution to exactly match any requirements.

Originally Danny’s request was for an awning to provide shade on a larger scale than that of the original awning, and if possible to also give rain protection. Danny was concerned that a large awning would go across the side kitchen window and restrict the opening of the window, and it would also hamper the view. Danny felt it wouldn’t be nice to stand at the kitchen sink and have an awning running partially across the glass.

With Danny’s concerns firmly noted, we set to work and proposed our Markilux Pergola 210 system rather than an awning. This covers a larger area, is usable in more inclement weather, and ticked the boxes for things such as not darkening the inside kitchen or sitting room. It also allowed use during showers and provided a more year round usable area, and most importantly it wouldn’t run across the kitchen window.

The Pergola installed was 6050mm wide with a projection of 4100mm. We used the 210 system rather than the 110 as it has less than the recommended 14 degree pitch to allow for water drainage. The 210 system has an upright leg that can be lowered by a simple winding handle to create a slope for water to run off.

Quite simply this was a superior installation that proves having in-depth discussions at the outset and asking all the right questions enables us to install a system that ticks all the boxes and exceeds expectations. Our processes are as good as our products.

Coulsdon, London - Danny

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