Markilux MX3 Awning Installation Wimbledon, SW19

A Wimbledon-based client came to us looking for an awning solution able to provide shade to the high-fronted glass area on the back of their house.

After briefly discussing what they had in mind, the client mentioned that a previous company had advised the work wasn’t possible since there was ‘no way to install supporting brackets’ in the desired location.

We asked the client to provide us with a picture of the location they ideally wanted the awning to be placed. Upon viewing the image they provided us with, we knew straight away that installation would be 100% possible since we had encountered similar issues many times before.

The difficulty stemmed from the property lacking a wall to install supporting brackets onto, as it was all glass. To understand why this was an issue, you first need to know the standard process for installing awnings.

The typical process for fitting an awning on a single-story building or parapet wall is to fit spreader plates down the wall. These, in turn, help offset the newton pull-out force on the property, moving the pressure down the wall, and allowing the awning to be installed effectively and safely.

Since the property only featured glass, to combat this, we sent the client an image of a bespoke bracket we had used previously to offer them a detailed insight into how the awning would look. After seeing this picture, the client was happy to go ahead with the installation.

Once we had completed the site survey, design and manufacture of the system, our team then got to work on installing the Markilux MX3 awning at the client’s property. This compact full cassette awning system is an end fix awning and was suited perfectly for the client’s needs.

As you will see below, the final result was absolutely stunning and the client was thrilled with the work we’d completed – making the supposedly impossible, possible.

Complex projects like this one are really what makes us stand out within our industry and we thrive off the challenge they bring. To us, in an ideal world, the more complex a job is, the better.

Wimbledon, SW19

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