Corporate Identity and Branding

Signage is paramount to the success of all businesses. Your high street brand or corporate identity enforces a strong statement about your company and how it is perceived.

Canopies and awnings bring a multitude of benefits such as shading fresh produce, keeping clients dry and projecting a business out from its competitors. However, the key element is the advertising of a brand or company image that bring this form of corporate identity to the forefront for many brand managers.

The architectural display that business awnings can give as an identity can be mirrored from site to site to create and promote your brand. In this way, store chains can benefit from imaging with awnings and canopies that bring an almost identical look from branch to branch, creating an instantly recognisable look for customers to find.

Product Promotion

Over the years, some products and merchandise names, including Coca Cola, Auto Trader and Cadbury, have found a relatively inexpensive way to represent a name or product on the high street.

Using retail outlets such as newsagents, electrical outlets, off licences and similar high street shops enables product promotion in many forms, either through specific product promotion (‘Samsung TVs’) or brand promotion (‘Coca Cola’). Utilising low cost advertising on business awnings has many long term benefits, the greatest bonus being 24/7 visibility of your product or brand in the public domain.

Commercial solutions for businesses

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At Aquarius Blinds, we can tailor a programme for each client to suit budgets, geographical location or targeted audience to maximise the name or product. With 30 years’ market experience, we can provide manufacturing and installation services to help reinforce your brand consistently and effectively using our commercial awnings and canopies. Why not contact us today?

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