Home Design Trends for 2021

With 2021 just around the corner, it’s time to think about our plans for the year ahead. For many people, that means either renovating their home or updating the décor for a fresh start. If you’re planning on refreshing the interior of your property to give it a different look and feel, these are some design trends you’ll want to take note of to ensure your home looks contemporary and stylish.

Cottage Chic

Cottagecore was a big trend of 2020 and it doesn’t look like it will be fading any time soon. It’s a trend that celebrates simplicity, nostalgia and traditional styles. So, when it comes to enhancing your interior décor, you need to think country chic and rustic. Neutral tones, natural materials and artisanal items are the way to go, such as wooden venetian blinds which create a rich yet homely atmosphere. This style of blind is classic and has a wonderfully timeless feel that’s perfectly in keeping with this trend. Plus, it works with a range of décor styles, should you want to change up the colour scheme of the room later on.

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Distinctive Designs

Maximalism is the antithesis of minimalism – it draws inspiration from various eras and styles to create something unique and extraordinary. And it’s a trend that is being welcomed by interior design experts for the coming year. If traditional blinds seem bland and uninteresting to you, or you just want to experiment with something a bit different, you might be inspired by the more unique blinds available that will add a freshness and style feature to your home. From different textures, such as aluminium, to visage blinds or elegant sail shades for roof lights or conservatories, there are various ways to create a distinctive look to any room.

Sail Shades

Earth Tones

Sustainability has been a top talking point and eco-friendly materials are set to be a focus for 2021. As more people become interested in caring for the planet, the interior design trends will follow with muted earth tones and natural materials like wood, bamboo and cotton. These materials not only allow light to flow through beautifully when they’re used for blinds, but they also create a calm and peaceful feel that is inspired by the great outdoors. If you’re looking to create a peaceful ambiance for your home, sticking to natural materials and muted tones is a great way to achieve a tranquil feel, and will ensure your décor is right on trend.


In recent years, the use of technology to improve our homes has rapidly increased and blinds are another area where you can take advantage of automation. Motorised and automated electric blinds are easy to use and a contemporary twist on a traditional décor item. But they also offer other benefits such as being energy efficient, child-safe and the fact that they can be opened or closed with just the click of a button. Alternatively, Duette blinds are remote controlled electronic blinds which deliver outstanding thermal performance and are energy-saving too. Electronic blinds are perfect for the contemporary home and are a must-have accessory that is simple to operate and maintain.

Bringing Nature In

For those lucky enough to have larger windows or sliding doors, there’s a great opportunity to fuse the indoors with nature, while maintaining a contemporary look. Connecting these two areas of your property can completely transform your home and makes it feel sleek and modern. Large sliding door blinds offer privacy and sun protection, while also providing versatility. From blinds for patio doors to sliding doors and insect screens to keep the interior of your home free from bugs while you enjoy the warm weather, there are various ways to play with this trend of merging these two environments.

Sliding Door Blind


When it comes to home upgrades, blinds are an easy but incredibly effective way of transforming the look of a room or conservatory. There are countless styles and variations to choose from to ensure that your home looks unique and is tailored to your specific tastes. From natural wood and cotton blinds to striking sail shades and full-sized sliding door blinds, there are numerous options that will keep your property on trend in 2021. If you want advice on the type of blind required for your space, the team at Aquarius Blinds have the expertise and would be happy to advise you.

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